Usage of coffeescript in official documentation

I find Coffescript in many examples in the official documentation for this JAVSASCRIPT library. Yes, I hate Coffescript. Intensely. It might have played a role, it does no longer.
Go on, hate me, I’m strong! :slight_smile:

Indeed, according to the latest surveys (such as the interest in and usage of coffee script is declining. You’re welcome to post a reference of your findings and have a serious talk on this topic. Another option is to create a PR to with the updated example.

I find Coffescript in many examples

Speaking of examples, care to provide some?

Also, please let’s try not to make this topic about personal opinions. Writing 3 out of 5 sentences in the original post about yourself instead of the issue won’t help the case.


Are you maybe looking at ES6 notation and confusing it with CS?


I’m confused - as far as I know, there are exactly 0 examples in the Meteor documentation that use CoffeeScript. Can you point me to some?


Oops, sorry, I thought I’d get email notifications from this forum but I either mis-remember or missed the email. Anyway - I cannot find it either now and it is certainly possible that I mistook some ES6 notation for CoffeeScript.

Unfortunately I do not even remember what part of the docs I was looking in…

So I apologize if I was wrong, I tend to overheat easily when I smell CoffeeScript…

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