Usage of Flow Router (Continued Support)

I’m currently using React, FlowRouter, Meteor, and Apollo. I’ve seen that anunoda is leaving the Meteor Community.

This leaves me with the following questions:

  • Is FlowRouter development ceasing when he leaves as I imagine it will?

  • If I were to move away from Flow Router what would be the next replacement (i.e. React-Router)?

Appreciate any input on the matter, I just want to ensure I’m using up-to-date and supported packages.

Arunoda left a long time ago but only just made it official recently :cry:. Flowrouter I believe is being taken on by @diaconutheodor. I’ve no idea if anything’s happened yet but I’m sure the guys at the Cult of Coders will fill us in soon. As a Flowrouter user I’m quite excited at the prospect.

We don’t use React but certainly from what I’ve seen here, if you’re starting a new project and using React then you should definitely consider ReactRouter.

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FlowRouter will continue to work just as it works now, so if you like the FlowRouter approach, stick with it. Just because the original developer behind it has left doesn’t mean it will suddenly stop working.

  1. It’s being taken over by another community member.
  2. React Router is another solid choice and supposedly better for server side rendering.

Good luck!

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if you already using react, just use react-router, I’m using it with meteor-react-router-ssr to do server side rendering.

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