Usage of separate sockets with meteor?


Basic application in meteor. Have my own package which is very much more node based and server-side only.

let Socket = Npm.require('net').Socket;
let EventEmitter = Npm.require('events').EventEmitter;

class CylonSocket extends Socket {
  constructor(name, host, port) {
    // unimportant details
    this.connect(host, port);

  _bindEvents() {
    // take the incoming data, parse it to human readable, then console.log() it.
    this.on('data', Meteor.bindEnvironment(this._parseData));

class Cylon {
  constructor(host, port) {
    this._messages = new CylonSocket('messages', host, port);
    this._commands = new CylonSocket('commands', host, port);

    // ... unimportant details again
    this._messages.on('connect', Meteor.bindEnvironment(() => {
      this._commands.on('connect', Meteor.bindEnvironment(() => {
        console.log('Both sockets successfully connected');

I’m running across a few problems in using this Node-like application with meteor.

  1. How do I delay the launching of the application until the sockets are bound?
  2. How can I write the data from my sockets to my client?

Essentially, whenever a message is written to the socket, I just want to throw it over to the client to write on the dom. The most obvious way is to create a collection that is written to, but that’s a lot of writing and the data doesn’t need to be persistent.

Meteor seems to have this “baked in”, but how can it be accessed?