Use Aurelia with Meteor


Got a new job where I’m going to use Aurelia as frontend framework, but sadly no Meteor. I would love to use Aurelia with Meteor for my own projects so I can improve my performance at work and vice versa.

Has anyone succeeded in integrating Aurelia with Meteor? I know there are som packages, but they are quite dated, being more than 4 years old. I belive meteor-webpack should probably be the easiest way to use Aurelia with Meteor, but I’m a total noob with webpack.

You can just use Meteor as a backend with Aurelia if I not mistaken, assuming you get a static site from Aurelia then you can connect to Meteor using DDP (SimpleDDP),GraphQl or Rest.

Will look into SimpleDDP, missed that it has reactive data. If I only use Meteor for backend will that mean I will need to deploy to two servers to have a complete website, one for backend and one for serving Aurelia to the client?

Does Aurelia need a server? I’m assuming you can generate static client site bundle (like what NextJS, CRA apps do), then you would just deploy on a static site host (usually free and scales) with CDN.

But I guess not…

It might require SSR and another server, kind like NextJS SSR, so I guess yeah. Unless you figure out how to mount it on Meteor server, which should also be doable.