USE CASE: Email & similar messaging on RabbitMQ/MQTT

Packages connecting RabbitMQ & MQTT are available for Meteor.

I wanted to know what is a proper use case for using Rabbit & MQ for email like & social media like messages.

I am building an application on web & mobile that enables Politicians (numbering in 10s initially, subsequently in 1000s) in India to communicate with their direct close supporters (numbering from 500 to 5000), using email like messages or social media like messages.

Is RabbitMQ/MQTT at all a candidate for any kind of email/social like messages??

If so, is it useful for me? I want to support email/social like messages.

Or otherwise what kind of a use case is typical for their adoption in aforesaid messages???


Things are not clearly given on posts on the forum. One of the posts mentions Socialize packages for the job. Which is great advice. But I wanted to know if Rabbit & MQ also become good candidates in some scenario??

& what scenario that is??

(This has nothing to do with supporting email in Meteor, which I know about).

Kindly also point me to any internet resources. There was probably a great article on this but can’t find it right now.

No need for RabbitMQ/MQTT for few 10k users. Just use a message collection or ?

You can easily defer emails by inserting them in a collection and have a separate cronjob that consumes. RabbitMQ seems like an overkill.

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I made 4 productions apps without using anything else but meteor. There are even meteor packages that does messaging for you and they work well.

You cal also just use simple meteor without any packages. Or use a solution like rocket chat

If you need to send messages at a later time, or want to batch the commands, this should be enough for you for some time:

Many, many, many thanks to all of you!!

It’s been a great help!!