Use Express and EJS templates with Meteor


Hi guys.

So I have a small, internal Meteor app which is also wired to another Meteor/Mongo instance. Due to several reasons I am using a standard express webserver as explained here.

I all works just fine! :slight_smile:

Thing is: I can’t get any EJS rendering to work (using express’ res.render()). It seems like I can’t get Meteor to include/load my ejs files on the server and thus I always get a “module not found” error.
Where do I have to put my EJS templates and how do I load the properly so I can use them with res.render()?

Hope someone can help! :slight_smile:

cheers, Patrick


One solution seems to be to put the templates in the private dir and load them via Assets.absoluteFilePath- but this seems to me like an ugly workaround.
Also: Any ideas on how to include Meteor’s bundled CSS file?