Use meteor for a wifi captive portal HELP

Hey everyone,

I’ve been using meteor for quite a while now and still love the framework. Now i was asked to create a captive portal and tell my team about the ressources we would need for such a project.The end goal is to get our customers data, verify them and if they dont match, make some updates and if all goes well, give them(customers) full access to the internet.

As i am a meteor fan i ve already written the app with meteor…Now guys cqn you provide me with some guide lines or steps for the hardware and how to put everything together?


Your question is too generic and I doubt you’ll find a help that way.

What do you mean by steps for the hardware and put everything together? The other Meteor fans in this form are not general consultants, they usually discuss shared meteor issues and concerns. Also you paragraph has many typos and it shows lack effort, and this discourages others from responding with something meaningful.

Just being honest, I hope that helps.


This may help:

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Thanks for pointing some of the mistakes i made writing this post out.English isnt my main language so i might have given the wrong idea, as in fact i myself do not really know about that technology and how to set it up.I only know how to write code.i just wanted to get a step by step intro to that world as of what is the hardware i need.


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Thanks man.

I’m going to look into those links and get back to you.

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