Use Python Scrapy with Meteor


Im building an E-commerce website with a big collection of products.

Those products can be added by a user by pasting a link that is then used to download product info from the linked website.

So there will be some web scrapping involved here. For this it seems like Python is the best option. Is there anyway I can use Scrapy for this. If I could place my python script on a Server that my app then is calling by an API? And that server then returns the product info to my application. Maybe something like Amazon lambda or similar? I also constantly need to refresh my products information with 1 day interval or something like that. So both my app and my python scrips need to be able to update the database hosted on Atlas.

Im looking for a good solution that does not take to long to implement but at the same time is solid enough to last long and scale well.

Thankful for any input