Use react-flexbox-grid without Webpack


Hello Everyone,

Can anyone advise me on how to use React-flexbox-grid without webpack?

I’ve googled and searched, but came up with nothing.



It uses CSS Modules so maybe it will work with :


btw. here is another similar approach which uses Radium, maybe this one will work without CSS Modules :


Thanks, @juliancwirko!

I really appreciate your reply.

However, I’ve no clue how to put CSS Modules together with React-Flexbox-Grid.

How do I translate the instructions for Webpack from React-Flexbox-Grid to match those from the CSS Modules package?


I think you just need to know how to use CSS Modules in Meteor (with the package which I’ve linked before) and then you could start from here :

I don’t use CSS Modules in Meteor, so I’m afraid I can’t help with configuration of the package :confused:

But hey, you can always check out more conventional solutions and just use normal styles/classes in React components. I mean for example standard

For example I use my own


Thank you, Julian.

I ended up abandoning Material-UI and FlexBox. Too many surprises.

React-Bootstrap works well - sort of.