Use RequireJS with meteor

Hi guys,

An other person had made a design for my website, using RequireJS.
I am currently trying to make it works with my Meteor app, but i didn’t know anything about requireJS so i am lost on what i should do.

His design start with those scripts on the head :

			//Comment out this line to go back to loading
			//the non-optimized main.js source file.
			"main": "main-built"
	require(['main'], function () {
		// chargement spécifique en fonction du template
<link href="/css/main.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />

In /script/js i go lot of javascript files. Including the jquery lib.
Plus i got many css files and i dont know where i should put them.

How should i proceed to make it works in Meteor Context ?
I dont know neither where i should puts the javascript files and how to tell to Meteor to don’t load them as part of the app.

I should add that i can’t ask the designers to rework his files and i cant modify it neither (they are in minimal form and i suck in design so i definitly don’t want to do this)

Thanks alot for your time !

Hi everyone,

Is there someone to help me doing this ?

it might be easier to rewrite the files in es2015-style (with import/export).