Use Setting.json for initial data vs initData.js

Hi guys.
Recently I read this Meteor blog post about setting.json and I think about some refactor on one of my project.
I have an old project with near 25000 line string array initial data. Is it a bad way to put this in the setting.json file or it’s better to put it on the initData.js file or something like this?

Now I put init data in a .js file and check in server startup that if DB record is 0 then insert init data to DB for next steps, something like below:

// initData.js
InitData = [ // 25000 string as array here ];

// startup.js
Meteor.startup(() => {
    if (Data.find().count() == 0) {
          // insert data to DB here

I want to easy deploy near 10 instance of my app with different init data. (now I fork project then change initData.js and deploy forked app as a new project with mup).

So what is the best way for me? (setting or js file)
Is it any limitation in setting.js file exist now? (for example file size or …)