User Accounts Core / Flow Routing is Broken

So I have an error in the browser that says “Uncaught Error: There are multiple templates named ‘override-atPwdForm’. Each template needs a unique name.”

Except I have deleted all traces of ‘override-atPwdForm’…

It seems that accounts-core has a problem computing and holding on to old code, that no longer exists. Why is this template still being computed if I deleted all traces of it? Is there any other reason why this error is still occurring?

Also none of the routes are working…this is my code:

AccountsTemplates.configureRoute(‘signIn’, {
name: ‘signin’,
path: ‘/login’

AccountsTemplates.configureRoute(‘signUp’, {
name: ‘join’,
path: ‘/signup’


AccountsTemplates.configureRoute(‘resetPwd’, {
name: ‘resetPwd’,
path: ‘/reset-password’