User logout on refresh in iOS 9 Safari (solved)

Solved: was running in private mode (doh)

I’m using the base accounts-ui and accounts-password packages. Just noticed with iOS 9 Safari, when I refresh the page, it’s now logging out the user. Haven’t tested in other browsers on iOS 9. And I didn’t change anything in my code between updating from iOS 8 (working) and iOS 9 (not working).

Anyone else experiencing this? Is it a known issue? Something to do with the new way iOS 9 Safari handles cookies? Any workarounds?

Can’t reproduce. Using accounts-ui and accounts-password and everything works as always

I was having the same issue on ios 9.2 beta. Didnt notice that it wouldnt work in private mode.


Yeah, it’s still an issue. Working fine in Chrome & Firefox private mode, but if you do a reload on Safari private mode, you are logged out.

I am experiencing the same problem on IOS 7.1