User migration; Upgrading an app, migrating localStorage to Meteor

Hi Everyone!

Somewhat unique situation here (or at least I haven’t been able to google it!). I’ve been tasked with taking a mobile app (currently built with Cordova) and adding a web component. Naturally I turned to meteor, and while I’m done with the core features, I’m working on some of the harder ones such as user migration. Ideally, I’d like a current user to update from v2 (current) to v3 (mine), and have all their data transformed into my Collections. I can’t seem to access that data though. I’ve been trying to access localStorage (I also tried Rlocalstorage). The problem is, it appears the Meteor clears the localStorage on-upgrade. Annoyingly I’ve only been able to test on a production build (instead of debug).

Anyone have any insight into how I can circumvent this?? I certainly appreciate the help!