User path concerning Meteor, or Meteor w/ Apollo + tutorial

Hello, I am a newer developer who is now using meteor, and found it to be very beginning friendly and helpful. In the meteor 1.6 announcement, it was stated that Meteor will likely be changing, and I simply am looking some advice thoughts on what I or others should currently do.

Should I (mainly as a rookie, but feel free to give advice to anyone reading this who is not) just stick with meteor as it is and make the switch to integrate Apollo later when the roadmap is more defined? Or since I am newer, should I just take the leap into integrating Apollo now since I am learning everything anyway, and don’t have much built?

Also, and especially so if the latter is recommended, are there any good tutorials for someone unfamiliar to Apollo that show how to best integrate Apollo 2 with Meteor? In the announcement there was a link to an old tutorial, and I have found other sources for Apollo 1, but I am seeking something current and new user friendly.

All thoughts and opinions are welcome! Thank you for your time.