User sign up with access code

Hi everyone,

I need to add an access code (doesn’t need to be user specific at the moment) to the user sign up process. I want to use Accounts-UI if possible. Essentially if the access code is GALAXY, I want to just add an access code field to the sign up UI and then check whether the user entered GALAXY in the field. If yes, sign up, if no deny access.

I’m sure there’s a simple and quick way to do this!

Check out the accounts-entry package.

Signup codes

We have added support for a signupCode in case you want to have a special code to handout to keep signups at a pace you want. This code is checked if you turn on the client and server side options listed below.

The signup code is only checked for accounts-password logins, so know that OAuth logins will still allow people in.


This is great, thanks so much! It solved a lot of problems at the same time :smile:

I’m using accounts-entry package it’s pretty and works, due note its becoming somewhat unsupported lot’s of open bugs and it hasn’t been updated in sometime.

That’s a shame! It’s a nice resource. Hopefully they update it.