Useraccounts add Roles

Is it possible to add another field named “Roles” that will be seen by the package “alanning:roles” to Create Account. - atForm.

Solution. It may be useful to someone:

Hello @samurajjack,

I think your

Accounts.onCreateUser(function(options, user){
  var role = ['unselected'];
  Roles.addUsersToRoles(user, role);
  return user;

doesn’t work because at that time the user object still doesn’t exists into the users collection and the call to Roles.addUsersToRoles expects this. See these lines which is where the user ojbects are updated into the Meteor.users collection.

As a workaround you could try to manually add a roles field to the user object being created and initializing it with the list of roles you wish to assign the user. See also this SO answer

Hi @splendido thank you for your help.