Useraccounts bootstrap with blaze

HI, I setup useraccounts:bootstrap with blaze, installed user accounts password and useraccounts:flow-routing

I have this code so far to run on server and client:

import { FlowRouter } from 'meteor/kadira:flow-router';
import { BlazeLayout } from 'meteor/kadira:blaze-layout';
import { AccountsTemplates} from 'meteor/useraccounts:bootstrap';

// Import needed templates
import '../../ui/layouts/body/body.js';
import '../../ui/pages/home/home.js';
import '../../ui/pages/not-found/not-found.js';

  defaultLayout: 'App_body',
  defaultContentRegion: 'main',
  defaultLayoutRegions: {}

// Define these routes in a file loaded on both client and server
AccountsTemplates.configureRoute('signIn', {
  name: 'signin',
  path: '/signin'

AccountsTemplates.configureRoute('signUp', {
  name: 'join',
  path: '/join'


AccountsTemplates.configureRoute('resetPwd', {
  name: 'resetPwd',
  path: '/reset-password'

App_body and main are set up correctly because my other routes work with the header and nav bar of the site, but when I go to /signin it returns a 404 , I can’t find how to enter the useraccounts:bootstrap routes, any help?


It works if I use {{> atForm}} on the homepage, I can see the log in and register form but I want it to work with the routes /signin /logout, etc

hope somebody can help.