Useraccounts in a popup/dialog

I’ve resolved most of my issues with ironrouter and useraccounts so I now have a skeleton app with a navbar containing a couple of tabs and an atNavButton. Everything works ok but the signIn/signUp form appears in the main body of the page. I’d like it to appear in a popup dialog box instead. I’ve experimented with using a Bootstrap modal but can’t figure out how to get everything wired together. Can anyone point me to some example code? I’m obviously still a newbie but I’m learning quickly (I’m amazed my first attempt at meteor worked as well as it did!)

If you’re using accounts-ui-bootstrap, then try accounts-ui instead.

Nope, I’m using useraccounts:bootstrap which doesn’t use accounts-ui or accounts-ui-bootstrap. I suspect my problem is less related to the useraccounts package and more just some confusion over how to get ironrouter content into a modal (if that is even the right solution). Maybe I should try using anti:modals package?

I haven’t used either of those packages but your mention of ironrouter made me think of something else. Are you setting up the subscriptions in the router? They can now be put into the templates created method which should let you make a single template to handle your modal.

@rcurrier, if it’s not too late, there’s a bit of discussion about getting AT forms into modals here

Thanks. I got it to sort of work using the Bootbox extension, but had
trouble getting things cleaned up on submit. I finally gave up and went
with full page forms. Having lived with those for a few weeks, I’m ok
with them. But I might revisit the issue later when the rest of my app
is done. Fighting with AutoForms now!

= Ron