Useraccounts - login forbidden


I already checked google, but can’t get this to work.

I already check that I have no double user account packages, but I still get login forbidden

my package list

I already put the default config file in a share server and client location.

    // Behavior
    confirmPassword: true,
    enablePasswordChange: true,
    forbidClientAccountCreation: false,
    overrideLoginErrors: true,
    sendVerificationEmail: false,
    lowercaseUsername: false,
    focusFirstInput: true,

    // Appearance
    showAddRemoveServices: false,
    showForgotPasswordLink: false,
    showLabels: true,
    showPlaceholders: true,
    showResendVerificationEmailLink: false,

    // Client-side Validation
    continuousValidation: false,
    negativeFeedback: false,
    negativeValidation: true,
    positiveValidation: true,
    positiveFeedback: true,
    showValidating: true,

    // Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
    privacyUrl: 'privacy',
    termsUrl: 'terms-of-use',

    // Redirects
    homeRoutePath: '/',
    redirectTimeout: 4000,

    // // Hooks
    // onLogoutHook: myLogoutFunc,
    // onSubmitHook: mySubmitFunc,
    // preSignUpHook: myPreSubmitFunc,
    // postSignUpHook: myPostSubmitFunc,

    // Texts
    texts: {
      button: {
          signUp: "Register Now!"
      socialSignUp: "Register",
      socialIcons: {
          "meteor-developer": "fa fa-rocket"
      title: {
          forgotPwd: "Recover Your Password"

thank you

Could this be the issue?

AccountsTemplates disables by default accounts creation on the client. This is done to use a dedicated method called ATCreateUserServer (sending the password on the wire already hashed as usual…) to create the new users server-side. This way a bulletproof profile fields full validation can be performed. But there is one more parameter to set in case you’d like to forbid client-side accounts creation, which is the following:

forbidClientAccountCreation - (Boolean, default false) Specifies whether to forbid accounts creation from the client.

But what is the work around?


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I think my load order is incorrect, should the router.js file be loadex at the end? If change then the router cant find my pathfor used in NAV bar etc, or my templates