Users being logged out

I’m not sure how this started happening, but I’m developing locally and being logged out a lot even though I haven’t clicked log out. I don’t know if this has something to do with the recent Meteor update since it wasn’t happening before hand and I can’t think of any other changes we made that could have caused this.

Perhaps unrelated, but we have a React Native app that uses Meteor login and we also have users that are being logged out after closing the app which is not something that happened in the past (we persist their login token to local storage).

Has this happened to anyone else? Any idea why it’s happening?

I’m not seeing the meteor login token in local storage in development (which makes sense since I’m logged out, although not sure how it happened by itself).

I think it has something to do with errors being thrown in graphql although I have no idea what the connection is. Not sure if the server is forcing the log out or the client.

Hey there, this could be related. I’ve been running a Meteor website for 2 years with no issues (usually about 50-100 users online). Yesterday, users started mentioning that they were being randomly logged out. The only thing I can think to have changed is the update to 1.5.2_1. So yeah… it’s happening to me, and I have no idea either.

Yep, me too - and I’ve experience a follow on problem a few times - the app attempts to log in the user repeatedly and hits the rate limiter and thus my server appears like it is getting a mild DOS … ? Any other corroboration?

It must be the recent patch then that is causing this issue.

Hi all - this is being tracked here:

Please chime in if you have additional details. Thanks!

I experienced this as well with 1.6.beta.32

I have this issue too

Same here, users are reporting they get logged out allot and sometimes have to login 4-5 times a day. One thing I noticed is it happens more with Apple users than with Android or windows users. We are on Meteor

Anyone found a reason and or solution to the problem?

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