Users with the same e-mail


Guys, how do you prevent the creation of a new user with the same e-mail, when using accounts-* systems?
Looks like Luca (@Splendido) doesn’t maintain his package meteor-accounts-meld anymore…


Check if the email exists already by performing the user creation method on the server and checking it against the existing Users collections should address that.

var userExists = Users.findOne({ ‘email’: }).email
if (userExists != null) {
// Meteor.error(“user exists”, etc.)
} else {
// Add new user


According to the documentation, creating a user does this verification for you.

"If there are existing users with a username or email only differing in case, createUser will fail. "
This was a change between Meteor 1.0 and 1.1 I believe.


I think, it isn’t right…
If the user does not remember the service, with which came the last time, this is not right, do not let him into the system using some other service.


It’s true only for accounts-password. Meteor will create three users for accounts-password, accounts-facebook and accounts-google with the same e-mail.