Using 3rd Party for Password Reset Emails [solved]

Hey all!

Unfortunately, I believe I already know the answer to this one…but still… it’s always worth taking a shot in the dark! :slight_smile:

Is there ANY way to generate a password reset link/token without needing to use the default email generated by Meteor?

I would rather avoid any hacky workarounds…but it sure seems like this should be a thing we can do given how mature Meteor is now…anyone have any solutions? We are using SendGrid’s API for all of our other emails and would love to have this one sent from there also.

Thanks all!

Yes you can :slight_smile:

Accounts.generateResetToken(userId, email, 'resetPassword', extraTokenData)

generates the reset token for you (server only! See the source)

You can send this token independent from Meteor’s email system and then you create your own route that receives the token plus the new password using Acounts.resetPassword (see the source)

Edit: it seems that Accounts.generateResetToken is not simply not documented.


Total life-saver man! lol I thought I was just missing something going over the docs!

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You’re welcome! Please add [solved] to the title so it might help others, too :slight_smile:

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