Using android .apk file after build


Hi everyone,

I have an issue but it could be more that I haven’t built for android before. I built the app for android and have a folder with the tarball and another folder with the .apk, readme and project files.

However, when I try install the .apk on an android device, it simply says it cannot open the file. This is also the case when I upload it to a server and download it from there.

The app is not ready to be put on the play store, but I want myself and several users to test the app as I build it.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Have I done something wrong somewhere?




Did you sign the APK file?


No I did not! I thought you only had to do this when uploading to the Play Store? Is that what I’m missing?


Could be, I’ve just seen some devices that block unsigned APK files (f.e. my Galaxy Note 2). Another problem could be the targeting, do you use the right target/api settings for your device? (AndroidManifest.xml)