Using Apollo vs DDP Sub/Pub for a new peoject

Hi I’m starting a new big project and I really like DDP Sub/Pub.
Now with the introduction of Apollo. Will DDP Sub/Pub be deprecated soon in favor of Apollo soon?
is Apollo the thing that I should start my new project with or DDP Sub/Pub?

thank you

It all depends on your requirements. Do you have some strong real time needs or would long polling be good enough for your use case?

Thank you MazDev for reply

I’ll need long polling.
The app will be on web and mobile for mobile I’ll use meteor cordova to leverage the one
codebase philosophy

Apollo is solid, it’s a good basis if you want to grow your application without being locked into mongoDB. I you were going to use mongoDB anyway you could always start with ddp and migrate to apollo features by features.

How about DDP Will DDP Sub/Pub be deprecated soon in favor of Apollo ?

I don’t think so. Meteor is pretty solid as it stands, so why expend effort to remove something which works? Nothing I’ve read or heard suggests that DDP is about to be deprecated.

On the other hand, I expect that we will see improved (easy) support for Apollo in Meteor, so it will be more straightforward to migrate to Apollo if that’s what you want.