Using apollostack, meteor & react to create a complete digital transformation solution by re-using existing back-end systems

KaTaNa Stack

A simple stack to kick-start integrating Apollo(GraphQL), Meteor and React with eCommerce & CMS applications like PrestaShop/SuiteCRM/Wordpress.

This is our first project using Apollostack, Graphql & React. We wanted to showcase a use-case where in we can bring modern solutions like graphql and react to an enterprise level.

Hence, we created a simple digital transformation project to show a possible approach of how GraphQL and React can be easily introduced; by re-using their existing CMS/WCM, eCommerce and CRM solutions as backends (SOA/Microservices architecture if you will).

So for this project, we chose Wordpress as the CMS/WCM solution, Prestashop as the eCommerce solution & SuiteCRM as the CRM solution. Yes, any commercial IBM/Oracle or open source systems can replace those. The concept that we tried proving here is how easy it is to make those systems work in isolation in the background (as backend systems) and Front end being handled through Apollostack(GraphQL), Meteor & React.

Live Application

Live URL


Source Code

Let us know your thoughts :slight_smile: Happy hacking!