Using Arcgis with meteor


How to require the requireJs module…
My code looks like this
` ``require([
], function(Map, MapView) {
// Code to create the map and view will go here


Are you asking how to use Arcgis with Meteor? If so first install the arcgis npm package in your app:

npm install --save arcgis

Then import the package, call the constructor with your token, then use the resulting object as needed:

import ArcGIS from 'arcgis';
const ago = ArcGIS({ token: 'sometoken' }); 



thanks for the reply have you used the above npm package to render map into Dom?


No I haven’t, but I’ve taken a quick look at the npm package, their API, and run a couple of tests to verify the package can be used with Meteor. Is there are specific problem you’re having?


better go with webpack rather than requireJs


has anyone had success integrating arcgis maps with meteor 1.4x


I’ve just started trying to add a simple base map to my web app in a template. I have the npm arcgis installed, and I can console log the ArcGIS(), but what good does that do me? This really doesn’t follow any of the arcgis javascript tutorials for getting maps into a page.

I am extremely new to ArcGIS and I honestly have no idea what to do from here to simply display the base map in a template on my page.