Using autoform-bs-datepicker reloads page on submit

I have a strange problem, I use autoform and it works fine, but if I add datepicker to a field. either in the schema or in the template, the page is reloaded when I submit the form. Data is not submitted, or it does not reach the hooks, before page is reloaded. Whe I removing it from the schema all is well again. NOTE: The date picker works fine, I can indeed pick a date. But I can not submit it

myDate: {
    label: "MyLabel,
    type: Date,
    optional: true,
    autoform: {
        afFieldInput: {
            type: "bootstrap-datepicker",
            datePickerOptions: {
                format: "yyyy-mm-dd",
                language: "sv-SE"

Since it just reloads the page, it is hard to debug. I have not find anywhere to add a break point