Using Bootstrap 3 with LESS and Meteor 1.2.1

I would like to use Bootstrap 3 with LESS (not the compiled CSS version) with latest Meteorjs 1.2.1.

Which packages should I use? There are so many different Bootstrap packages out there, that it is a bit confusing…

Would appreciate your advice.

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I’d suggest doing the following:

  1. meteor add less
  2. Download the official Less release of Bootstrap, and put it into a folder called imports in your app.
  3. Move bootstrap.less outside of imports, and fix the import paths so that they look inside the imports directory above.

Boom - no packages, it works like it’s supposed to, and you can customize to your heart’s desire.

For more details about importing files in Meteor’s Less compiler, see the README:

Thanks for your answer.

As you suggested, I added the LESS package, created an imports folder, downloaded the complete LESS-version of latest bootstrap (bootstrap-3.3.6 - not sure if the whole folder is required), moved this folder into imports and then copied bootstrap.less into the root directory of the app.

Within bootstrap.less I changed the import paths to, e.g. @import "/imports/bootstrap-3.3.6/less/variables.less";
and then rebuild the app: meteor run

The problem is that it keeps now in the rebuild process without any progress:

=> Started proxy.                             
   Building the application                  /

Any idea what could be wrong?