Using browser-sync with Metor


I tried today how works with meteor.
It works great :grinning:

Here is a good article about it:

The use with meteor is pretty simple, but very useful:

  1. Install browsersync: npm install -g browser-sync
  2. Start you meteor project. If it runs at port 3000 on localhost
  3. browser-sync start --proxy=“localhost:3000” --files=".html, css/.css"

Done. Now you can use it. Use instead of localhost:3000 -> port 3001

http://localhost:3002 is the user interface to browser-sync.

So all browsers (mobile, desktop or whatever) are synchronised (Inputs , mouse clicks etc).
Their are also a lot of other useful features in browser-sync. Give it a try.

I use it now to do my “monkey test” on my app (desktop chrome, safari,firefox and android / ios).


nice! :smiley: Just giving this a try I love using browser-sync