Using data with react + react-router


I have started learning meteor and decided to use it with react. Since one month, I had issues about which packages I should use.
At the end of the day , I know I should use webpack for codesplitting, react-router since it promises much more compatibility with other stuff related to react and lastly I don t want server-side-rendering since it lacks many of the things I want in my application( in short responsiveness of my app ).
Anyway, I checked lots of repos on github and read many articles etc. Since first day , I still hate meteor + react because it s been very confusing to decide between different combinations of using packages.
Finally my question is about which of the packages for data I should use with my pack. So my pack consists of
Which of the followings should I use to complete my pack.
-anything else ?

Please dont hesitate to correct me about anything. I don t really know how meteor bootstraps, how it handles data, how it passes data to react, why are there weird mixins used within many projects on github etc. I am really exhausted. I should start my project and finish. Still trying to figure out how meteor works and those damn packages. Thanks for your help.


I recommend leaving webpack out of the equation to start with. If you’re ramping up on React and how it can work with Meteor, then that’s definitely enough to get started with. Read the Guide’s React section, then look at the react branch of the Guide’s reference app. Once you’ve dissected how that all works and are comfortable moving forward, then start looking at webpack. In particular, take a look at the webpack:webpack package (that ties webpack into the Meteor build system almost too easily).


Thanks for your recommendations but my project consists of at least 15 pages, many of them are unnecessary to load for every user. Also since meteor 1.3 supports npm packages and webpack only creates bundles for the project, I didn t consider webpack to be a problem. Is there any problems that I am not aware of ?


Rampup time :slight_smile: . By all means look into using webpack, if it makes sense with your requirements. It sounded like you were ramping up on a lot of stuff all at the same time (and getting frustrated with that approach), so I was just suggesting segregating your learning a bit. Start small, then expand.