Using emojis / emoticons in web and mobile apps

This is a bit off-topic, since it is not 100% related to Meteor :slight_smile:

I would like to use emojis / emoticons in my web and Cordova app. Of course, I could design all these emojis myself (or buy an image pack), but I’ve noticed many modern OS already include them as part of the Unicode character set. So I am wondering if I can rely on that and use Unicode characters instead? The emojis might look different depending on the device, then, but for me, this would be acceptable.

Does anybody know a reference that lists all desktop and mobile OS versions (for at least Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS) that already include Unicode-based emojis?

(Alternatively, I would also be interested in emoji font packs, preferable free-of-charge.)

Update: Just found this:

I use emijione, it’s pretty good :wink:

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