Using Github Branches



I have a question in regards to workflow for github branches.
I am developing a base project that will contain multiple different packages.
Rather than putting all packages under one branch such as Master.
I am thinking about creating an individual branch for each package , to better allow tracking/changes and community contributions.

I would like to know the community thoughts pros/cons on taking this approach prior to starting the project.
Essentially this would be the ideal layout.

- docs
- contributions
- api

 - featA
 - featB
 - featA_updates (to be merged into featA branch at a later date once testing complete)


I use the Git Flow process. Highly recommended.

Even if you don’t use that particular paradigm, at the very least make sure the master branch is always 100% stable production code. Branch develop off master, and then branch feature/<name> off of develop. When done with features, merge them back into develop, then test, then merge into master once it’s 100% good and working.