Using google-map-react module with Meteor

I started learning Meteor and React a couple of weeks ago, and while I have found it relatively easy to quickly build and reuse components, I am having a really difficult time understanding how to use the istarkov/google-map-react module.

I tried implementing their simple map, but I don’t think it is working because it has some stage 0 ES7 features. And I keep getting a missing class properties transform error in my terminal. The error always occurs on the lines where static propTypes occurs.

How can I get this to work in a 1.4 Meteor project? Do I need to install some other dependencies? Is there an example Meteor project with this module? I can’t seem to find one.

I have this exact problem.

Hello, you need to meteor npm i --save babel-plugin-transform-class-properties

Hi guys.

Have you managed to use this package with Meteor?

Is there some code you can share to start?

Thank you.


Very basic example here: