Using and Blaze

Created a new project using >meteor create app

Copy from gridform to meteor project:

  1. gridform folder to app/public/
  2. gridform’s example.html to app/client/main.html

The page http://localhost:3000 is blank. But if I delete jQuery rel style, the page showed up.

How to make gridforms works in mateor+blaze?
What is the problem in this case?

the rel to the stylesheet is a URL. Where are you pointing it to? The Meteor dev server resolves HTTP requests to /public, so did you copy the gridforms.css to the public folder and change the URL to <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/gridforms.css">

Yes, I did copied the folder gridforms to app/public/
Tested in browser http://localhost:3000/gridforms.js successfully.

I found gridforms ported to meteor.js :