Using Intermediate Certificates with Meteor and Galaxy

I need my app to make a request using a proxy to an HTTPS endpoint.

If I use the npm request package, the proxy service I’m using requires their intermediate certificate be installed on the server.

Is there a way to config/install this on Galaxy? My knee-jerk thought is if I’m using the Let’s Encrypt feature probably not. But If you upload your own certificate then can include intermediate certificates right? So I might be able to make a Let’s Encrypt certificate offline, add the intermediate, and then upload it?

Also I assume Meteor’s which can take raw request parameters like proxy would also suffer from the same issue of needing the intermediate certificate.

Any other strategies to this issue besides turning off SSL on the request? Would preferably not like to do that.

Posted too soon, from the Galaxy doc article:

If intermediate certificates are used in addition to the primary certificate, they should be placed in the same file as the primary certificate. The primary certificate should come first, followed by the intermediate certificates.

Will report back when I get it working.

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