Using ionic 4 with Blaze JS


Ionic 4 is the evergreen dream like Meteor 1.7. Its compatible with any JavaScript language available whereas lower versions are compatible with Angular JS only.

We just need to include the script tag for ionic and that’s it. After that we can handle data using Each Loops in Blaze like we use it. I find it easier way to create cordova apps

    <link href="" rel="stylesheet" media="screen">
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>

Also, AFAIK ionic 4 uses capacitor not cordova for compilation process but while running the apps on devices it uses cordova commands.

So, is there anyone using it to create Cordova based ionic apps? Is there any drawback of using this?
I find it easier way to create cordova apps whats your opinion


Thanks for the heads up! Still using meteoric, an upgraded ionic would be a godsend for meteor apps, especially on mobile / Desktop + nice for prototyping as well…

As is the Meteor way, quick to prototype, powerful in the customization…

It might some hooking up eg. to Flow Router et for classic Meteor. But it’d be a great thing to have.