Using just a subdomain to host the app in Galaxy

Hello. We currently have our application hosted in Galaxy, including the landing page, About Us page, privacy policy, terms of use, etc. all under our main domain. We also have a blog and a Jobs page hosted in WordPress with a subdomain for convenience.

We are starting to think that it might be better to have everything that is not strictly application-related hosted in WordPress (it’s just much easier to change the UI’s, make them mobile-friendly, etc). So we are thinking of moving our main domain to WordPress for things like the landing page, about us, blog, jobs, contact us, privacy policy, terms of use; whereas the application stuff, starting from the sign-up and sign-in pages would be hosted in Galaxy with a subdomain.

Is this feasible? If yes, this would be a big change for us, so any obstacles or warnings you could give us in advance would be much appreciated, especially about any potential impact on our SEO rankings.

A domain name (second level + first level domain, e.g. and a subdomain name, such as only relate to each other in the DNS entry; other than that, they live totally independently from each other.

Meaning that you should have no problem whatsoever pointing to any given IP number (e.g. to a WordPress server), and to another, e.g. to a Galaxy instance.

SEO-wise is this setup not exactly optimal, however, as search engines treat them as two different animals, with each having their own separate ranking.

“Link juice” can passed to one another though by carefully selecting which page of one domain links to which other page(s) of the other. I.e. if you, for any reason, can only get valuable backlinks to certain pages of your main domain, you can pass the accumulated link juice to your app at your subdomain by creating links to where it seems appropriate. (This part is of course purely SEO, it has nothing to do either with hosting nor with Meteor.)

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