Using Mac OSX Server to build iOS apps using CI

Hi everyone

I’ve been reading this:

From my reading, it appears that:

  1. You can setup a Git repo on github or bitbucket of your iOS-targetted Meteor app
  2. You can get the OSX Server / Xcode Server to connect to the remote repo on Github or bitbucket, and
  3. have it build your Meteor xCode project automatically, on actions such as each commit etc.

Has anyone tried this?

I have an idea for an app, and could really use this type of setup. I think it means that I can use, for example, the github api to create a repo, (from an admin Meteor app) write relevant project files to disk that are needed for a new Meteor iOS app, (including mobile-config.js etc), then commit and push files to the repo.

Then, the “bots” on OSX Server / xCode Server will see those commits etc and checkout (is that the term?) and build the project automatically, instead of having to run the project in xCode and build manually.

I’ll be giving this a go, but to me, it sounds just like what I need. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone



I haven’t tried it – let us know how it goes! You may also like Fastlane for automating app deployment

Thanks @loren !
Fastlane looks very impressive.
I’ll give it a go also…