Using Meteor Accounts with Apollo and React

Let’s see the module meteor-apollo-accounts in action, I will show you how to use it on the server and call the mutation methods from graphiql, then we’ll see how to use those methods in react.

You can read the post here.


The package you’re showing there doesn’t allow to use custom resolvers so it just calls the native method. As Meteor is using MongoDB you have no choice but stuck with MongoDB. So sad.

Hi, we are evaluating this package and the main reason is because we have lots of users on our service already, on our Meteor backend.

We have a question that you might be able to answer - the mutation changePassword only accepts the hashed password. How should we set up the hashing? I just don’t get it how the server side could receive the SHA, reverse generate the password and then run it through BCRYPT. And, is it really necessary to hash the password because our app is communicating with our server via SSL.