Using Meteor for a personal website

Hi there ! I’m exited about Meteor and creating a website with this JS Framework.
I was checking the YouTube Meteor tuts and find this one.

The guy told about meteor advantages at the very begin of the video. And he noticed that meteorjs use the websockets. The client subscribe to the stuff on the server via websocket. That is why the meteor so fast.

So my quiestion is. Is Meteor good for creating a simlpe hospital-website. I’m planing to create like a blog secton, post some news, etc. After it, I want to allow user create own profile. With this ID client can be registered in the system. All client’s issuses, payments, notification will appears in the website.

The main point is that I’m also planing to create an app for the iOS/Android with online payments, chat with doctor directly, etc.

Thank you for your attention and answers !
I just don’t know where to start with