Using Meteor for creating "Real-time REST API" in enterprise

I was thinking that could I safely use Meteor for creating “Real-time REST API” in enterprise. Only this task

Let say that I have a database with 10 000 000 records that I would like to publish in REST API, so the results would be filtered by the id/password pair (+1000 ids ie.clients)?

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Meteor is a DDP approach so using it as REST API is a downgrade. There are more alternatives to that such as SailsJS though.

I was thinking that could I use Meteor to create and feed reactive REST API, which can used by other applications. Should I look SailsJS instead?

Well you can use REST API and reactivity on a client level but server stuff will not be updated like MongoDB or Local States. You can take a look on SailsJS, its a REST API by default.t