Using Meteor to build a financial service or ne?

I’ve been developing with Meteor for over 2 years already and it’s a blast. I still use Node + Express, but Meteor has this beauty that I can’t get away with and it has the feeling of stability that I don’t necessarily have with other frameworks I have to build up myself with all the middleware and what not.

Anyway, what does everyone think about using Meteor for a financial services application? Like an accounting firm or credit union. My biggest worry is security with the Meteor accounts system, even though security is dependent on how you code your app in the first place.

Any thoughts on this subject?

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Ne, security breach can happen outside Meteor. Recommend that you should engage a professional advice and audit instead of in discussion forum.

Curious what you mean by this? A security breach could happen outside any application but that doesn’t present a reason not to use the application. For example, I can use JWT-based drive-by authorization pretty simply with Meteor, obviating the need for a sophisticated user database for hackers to attack, which meets the specifications of most financial institutions I deal with. I’m in the process of using Meteor+Angular2+TS to prototype a new agent UI for [large financial institution] and they seem quite happy with it.

you could use Auth0 for accounts if you think it’s safer for some reason