Using Meteor with AWS Codestar


I’m writing an article about deploying Meteor using AWS’s new service Codestar. Its like Jenkins, but entirely integrated into AWS. It uses codecommit, codebuild, codedeploy, codepipeline and elastic beanstalk / docker / ec2, etc. Its very easy to use. The plan is to create a guide for IOS, Windows and Linux starting with Windows and Linux.

Does anyone besides me have some experience to share about this service and ideally in combination with Meteor? i want to make the guide as complete as possible


It would be a great news if your article is ready @cloudspider!
Thank you for your effort



Part 1: Setting up CodeStar for Meteor
Part 2: Meteor’s code structure and build commands
Part 3: Configuring Elastic Beanstalk for CI
Part 4: Running Meteor bundles on Elastic Beanstalk
Part 5: (Temporary article) Testing Meteor with Chimp on AWS CodeBuild

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Hi Chris,
I completed your articles and I have a working app running on AWS CodeStar & EC2 instances with CI enabled. Thank you very much for sharing such a valuable information!
I would like to share my feedbacks with you as well.

  1. I added ENV variables into the buildspec.yml;
    ROOT_URL: "http://your_app_url"
    MONGO_URL: “mongodb://localhost:27017/myapp”

  2. I had to change the built steps a little, otherwise the deployment was not successful;

    • echo Build started on date
    • cd src && npm install --production
    • meteor build … --allow-superuser --directory --architecture os.linux.x86_64 --server $ROOT_URL
    • cd …/bundle/programs/server && npm install
  3. As a last comment, have you tried the same setup for an app which also has iOS/Android client?



I’d like some help with this. I followed all the steps but the app doesn’t run. I believe the problem is the command to run it is ‘node main.js’ which is not the right command, right?


I have the same problem… were you able to solve it?


I think my last msg is not 100% correct. The buildspec.yml does contain steps to do npm install, and then its copied to server. I can run it in Ubuntu but not in the EB instance. Still troubleshooting.


It works now. In buildspec.yaml, I changed the build to the following:

      - echo Build started on `date`
      - cd src && npm install --production
      - meteor build .. --allow-superuser --directory
      - cd ../bundle/programs/server && npm install


This is a real community service - big thanks for your work on this. Eagerly awaiting your writeup on custom domain & SSL!


I didn’t have time to work on the SSL part, since I’m working on a project with a deadline. I will put it in this thread as soon as its there. I will start writing about it around the 7th of november


Are those links OP posted still live?


@evertjvv Nope. I’ve put them offline since it was outdated. Codestar changed since writing those articles and I needed to save some costs on my servers. Anyways I can put them online again. It just requires me to dig into my repo and put them on my new blog website.

Do you any particular question? I might be able to help you here.


Hey @cloudspider thank you so much for the quick reply. Busy with setting up a project and just wanted a reference to use as a guideline. Be great to somehow get access to your resources, even if it is just a link to a repo.


@cloudspider I would like to check out your tutorials too. Just to get an idea of what’s involved, not so much the exact specifics. could you repost them how place and share the links?


@evertjvv I’ve found the articles, but it takes some manual work to put them back on my latest website. I’ve put the first one online though:


@cloudspider The info in that first post is great! Like @norm_rr mentioned, just to get some idea of what is involved, to get some scope. Anything that is outdated I will try and figure out.


I do notice that some of the markup is missing. I will fix this tonight :slight_smile:


@cloudspider Thank you so much!

I’ve been a Web Application Developer since 96’! yep that long! started with JScirpt 1.0 on Explorer 3.0 and JavaScript 1.0 on Netscape navigator 2.0 then quickly to Allaire ColdFusion version 4.0! lol).

Recently I started working at a Market Research company and they have their home built half-ass Project MGMT/CRM App built in/on Meteor.

I’ve been thrown in the deep end of the pool and have to teach myself not only the Meteor framework, Node, NPM, this writing a Web App in JavaScript, Hosting these apps, building a SOAP Server and Communicating with Quick Books Desktop, and anything and everything else related JS apps. lol …

So anything, even something that might seem small and insignificant to you (I am now speaking to any of my fellow Developers reading this), anything you had to figure out, a link to an article that gave you once piece of critical info, anything that can save time not having to do research is greatly appreciated.

And in return I will make posts (here, a blog with links here, somewhere,) and share the trials and errors and successes I have with regard my application development.

Thanks again!


@norm_rr @evertjvv

I’ve just released the Meteor CI on AWS Part 2 article about How to build Meteor


Part 3 is available @norm_rr @evertjvv