Using 'meteorhacks:fast-render' in Cordova fails

After implementing meteorhacks:fast-render on an app, when accessed via the web browser (computer & mobile) I get the expected results.

However in the case of installing this app on an iOS device, meteorhacks:fast-render is currently accomplishing nothing. Has anyone experienced this and found a work around?

I’m not sure exactly where and how this breaks down, but the way fast-renderer works doesn’t really make sense on Cordova. fast-renderer injects data on the server when index.html is served, but for Cordova index.html is generated at build time and bundled with the app.

This issue is probably the most relevant to your case.

Is there a way to force Cordova to load the index.html from the server as the browser does? Was unable to find anything in the searches I had ran, would appreciate some wisdom

No, that isn’t really possible. For Cordova, all assets are bundled with the app and served from localhost:<port>.

If you wanted something like fast-render to work, your best bet would be to adapt it to also generate the bundled index.html for Cordova with preloaded data. But this would only make sense if the data is relatively static, because it could be weeks old by the time users download the app from the App Store (although from then on hot code push could update it to newer versions).

I have exact same problem.

I wonder if fast-render was ever working on cordova and mobile?
According to the logic of serving html files from mobile itself,
the server apis are never hit with mobiles. Only data send via ddp.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

The problem I am trying to solve is 11-12 seconds delay of mobile (wifi network) before the list is shown.
There are only two items in the list, so i guess the problems is in establishing DDP connection?