Using MUP to deploy an older version of Meteor?

I needed to make some changes to an old app running Meteor 1.3 (which uses v0.10.43). The app uses MUP. The version of MUP that I used (1.2.x) worked fine last year, but since then, some of its dependencies have made changes that make it impossible to deploy without without using a node version greater than 4.5.

So my question is, since I can’t find a version of MUP that works with a node version 0.10.x anymore, can I expect to find any issues with deploying using a node version that’s significantly ahead of the node version that Meteor 1.3 supports? I’d just be using that version of node to deploy, the Meteor app itself is still expected to be running the legacy 0.10.x.

So basically, with the config files already set up inside the Meteor app:

$ nvm use 4.6.2
$ npm install -g mup@1.2.5
$ mup setup
$ mup deploy

If there is anyone who can consult on this I will pay

Looks like that worked. In case anyone cares. Your MUP version can be running on a newer version of node than your Meteor version runs. (In this case MUP’s Node version is 4.6, Meteor’s Node version is 0.10.43).

After many years I just switched to PM2 from MUP and it was so much easier.

Thanks @aadams, does PM2 enable zero-downtime deployments?

Do you mean, does it restart/refresh the application upon deployment?

Yeah I’m just not familiar with the technicalities of how it deploys. Can it do something like, update one server at a time and redirect that server’s traffic during that update?

For Meteor 1.3, I still used mupx. It worked fine, if you set the Node version to 4. Of course, there are some limitations in mupx, e.g. it does not support automatic configuration of letsencrypt.