Using OAuth2 realtime API for my client app

Hi, I’m using Rocket.Chat server (which is built over meteor) for implementing OAuth2 in my client app. For OAuth, I want to directly use the meteor API. Can someone suggest what json parameters to send over the network?

I’m wondering why you’re using Rocket.Chat’s Oauth API in preference to Meteor’s? All OAuth providers use https for the authorisation flow, so I’m not sure what benefit you’re expecting here.

My entire client is based on Rocket.Chat. Though I can surpass the RC layer and directly use meteor API (as I did in login via password and it works fine). Now I have to add support for OAuth but RC does not have realtime API for OAuth. Can I use meteor in any manner here?

Can you explain what you mean by “realtime” here? Oauth is intrinsically not real-time - it uses http GET and POST.