Using only accounts-base package

I am having my own authentication logic and using accounts-base package so that basic user logging handling etc is done by the package.

Previously I was using accounts-password & customized accounts-ui-unstyled.
I has first removed accounts-password so that I can use some thing like:

methodArguments: [{
username, password
userCallback: callback

But the moment I remove accounts-ui-unstyled, I start landing in problems. First Accounts is undefined. I guess accounts-ui-unstyled package was making it available using:

api.imply(‘accounts-base’, [‘client’, ‘server’]);

Wherever Accounts is undefined, I have tried using

import { Accounts } from ‘meteor/accounts-base’;

But this does not solve the complete problem. It seems the Accounts is not initialized as it should be. Becuase when I am using:


Method, this is undefined

Due to this I am unable to reset password or enroll users using ability of accounts-base package.

Any help to use accounts-base only correctly would be appreciated.

I got this fixed. I was using Accounts._loginMethod inside a Meteor.methods using a lambda function and not regular one