Using Raven/Sentry with Meteor


Just how? It looks like Meteor swallows all errors and nothing is captured by Raven.


In server folder

import raven from 'raven';
import lo_ from 'lodash';

const sentryDsn = lo_.get(Meteor, '', null);
if (sentryDsn) {
	const client = new raven.Client(sentryDsn);
	// initialize Raven’s global error handler


On client startup, it’s similar

  const sentryClientDsn = lo_.get(Meteor, 'settings.public.sentry.dsn', null);

Sentry/Raven with Meteor on Server

client.patchGlobal is deprecated.

And this solution does not report all things to Sentry (see Sentry/Raven with Meteor on Server)


So now I can’t do patchGlobal and seems like Raven.config(sentryURL, {autoBreadcrumbs: true} ).install({unhandledRejection: true }); does nothing.
Did anyone was able to fix it?