Using Redux with Tracker

As i’m rewriting my app to redux + react, i get a problem using the Store as a reactive source for tracker and blaze.
I have created a unique dependecy which i mark changed on each store update, and on whom my tracker computations are depending.
The problem is that there is only one dependency for the whole redux state tree, which means a lot of tracker computations get invalidated (and executed) on each Store change, and it begins to cause performance concerns.
It would probably be better to be able to create multiple fine grained dependencies which are bound to specific parts of the tree, but how do you do that ?
Would il better to put those in actionCreators since it’s the place for side effects ?
Any help on this would be welcome.

Thank you

Answering myself : indeed, i just created smaller grained depencies in my action creator files, changed() them in the actual action creators functions, and depend() on them in the computation. It seems to solve my performance issues.
Any better way ?

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